About Our Servers

ModernTLD provides multiple servers contributing to the OpenNIC DNS infrastructure, as listed below.

Tier 1

ns11.opennic.glue: / 2604:a880:800:a1::14c1:1 / Authoritative for .o

Tier 2

ns5.any.dns.opennic.glue: / Public Anycast Resolver (NA and EU) ns5.nh.nl.dns.opennic.glue: / Public Resolver (Amsterdam, Netherlands) ns6.sg.dns.opennic.glue: / Public Resolver (Singapore) ns10.ny.us.dns.opennic.glue: / 2604:a880:800:10::1f02:d001 / Public Resolver (New York, USA) ns5.wa.us.dns.opennic.glue1: / Public Resolver (Washington, USA)

1ns5.wa.us.dns.opennic.glue is an experimental testing server. It is completely functional, but may be prone to stability issues. It also supports the latest technologies such as DNSCrypt and DNSSEC Validation.