About Our Servers

ModernTLD provides multiple servers contributing to the OpenNIC DNS infrastructure, as listed below. We also provide web services and other servers for various purposes. All servers we use are listed below, visit status.moderntld.com to see detailed uptime and status statistics.

Tier 1

ModernTLD operates one Tier 1 server on the OpenNIC network: ns11.opennic.glue

Tier 2

Tier 2 Servers are recursive DNS servers for the OpenNIC zone and LegacyDNS (ICANN) zones. These are not authoritative and are intended for use by general consumers when setting up their computers/devices.

  • ns1.il.us.dns.opennic.glue / / 2001:19f0:5c01:405::53
  • ns10.ny.us.dns.opennic.glue / / 2604:a880:800:10::1f02:d001
  • ns3.ia.us.dns.opennic.glue /


Web services we host.

  • ModernTLD Homepage: www.moderntld.com
  • ModernTLD News: blog.moderntld.com
  • Rep.o GitLab Instance
    • Rep.o is a GitLab instance providing free public and private repos for any OpenNIC member. Intended to be used for open source OpenNIC related projects.
  • Blogs.o: Free WordPress Sites
    • Free blogs/websites on the OpenNIC network.
  • Register.o: “.o” Domain Registrations